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Ben started Maths tuition with Mathematica after his 2017 mid year college exams. Normally an "A grade" Maths student, Ben's disappointing mid year AS Maths grade, shook his confidence. Ben was unfamiliar with the questioning style for the Cambridge AS Maths, and found that he didn't understand what was required. Foram worked with Ben patiently. First, building up his AS Maths foundational knowledge. Then, as the Cambridge exams drew near, Foram helped Ben with practice questions and past papers. Ben's AS Maths mock exam, which Ben has just completed. We are hopeful that Ben's AS Maths results will be even more pleasing.

It has been our privilege that Ben was under the tutelage of such a committed teacher. We'have found Foram to be diligent. He is passionate about the success of his students. Foram is generous with his time support and encouragement for them. Foram would go so far as to ensure his students are not distracted by hunger pangs, when lessons are run late in the day.

I have not found any tutor, who would have gone extra mile, for his/her students. Foram is supported by an amazing family who help students feel welcome in their home. 

By Irene Goh


Result   : 94% 

Student : Benjamin Goh

Year      : AS , Cambridge - 2017

Avondale College

My son started going to Mathematica at the start of this year and improved overall at all topics. My son can communicate with Mathematica directly making it easy for them to schedule classes and deal with home work. Mathematica doesn't only work during class hours but also tries to benefit my son by delivering homework or helping with doubts whenever possible.

Now the school year is over, my son has achieved a remarkably high mark for his exam, all thanks to Mathematica

By Mr. Ravindran Vai


Result   : 92.5%

Student : Keertan

Year      : Year 10 - 2017

Lynfield College

Liam started maths tutoring this year March, he was terrified, unsure and had no confidence in his ability to pass this year, only obtaining not achieved or achieved n his first results. Since starting tutoring he has become confident, has work with Foram and now has achieved Merit and Excellent result this term, as promised to me by Foram.

I am so grateful for all the extra tutoring and your valued time that you spent with Liam, I'm preparing him for his up coming NCEA.

Mathematica has been amazing and would recommend Foram for any child who needs help or improving the Maths results.

Thank you so much.

By Judy Govender


Result   : M

Student : Liam Govender

Year      : 11, NCEA - 2017


My son and daughter, age 19 and 14, have gained a tremendous amount from their time with Foram. Their confidence and ability has grown in his learning. Foram's gentle approach in encouraging and motivating is spot-on. 

The centre is always punctual and the feedback brilliant.

The sessions not only support development but provide a friendly, caring and enjoyable environment for learning.

Highly recommend.

By Preetha Kumar


Result   : M, A, A

Student : Rajat Kumar

Year      : 13, NCEA - 2017

Lynfield College

Foram has been tutoring my son for year 13 maths from beginning of this year. Mr. foram has a passion for maths and commitment to ensure his students output is maximized. His enthusiasm and commitment has ensured my son's performance to excel. It's rare to find teacher that gives a lot of his free time to ensure his students are getting the maximum benefits. 

Thank you Foram. Your are an excellent teacher and would recommend you very high.

By Mrs. Reena Patel


Result   : M, M, A

Student : Monish Patel

Year      : 13, NCEA - 2017

Lynfield College

Maths has been Sunny's one of strong subjects that why we were looking for a tutor who would help him get to next level and we found that with Foram, he is a brilliant in understanding and communicating the strengths and areas to improve in his student. I feel my son is in right hands for Maths... Foram is really committed to ensure Sunny is more than prepared for his exams... Sunny's is more confident and focused.. I really appreciate your efforts with Sunny this year.. we are looking forward to continuing Maths tuition next year too.

By Gauri


Result   : 87%

Student : Sunny Sethi

Year      : 9 - 2017

ACG Parnell

Luckily, we were able to get in touch the right person who could lead our son Kevin Anand to success. Kevin really enjoyed his one on one sessions with Foram

Foram is always well prepared, organised and an amazing teacher and he knew exactly what Kevin needed to do well in Maths. Not only is he a great tutor but he is also a very nice person. He really cares for his students and he is very dedicated to helping students.

We can see an increase in Kevin's confidence when doing math and an improvement in his understanding.

We will recommend him to anyone with great confidence!


By Navneet Kaur


Result   : 77%

Student : Kevin Anand

Year      : 9, Advanced Maths - 2017

ACG Parnell

Thank you Foram for spending time and effort to bring my son Rohan up to speed to year 9 Level Maths. He was way behind and was struggling.

With Foram's help, support, and guidance, Rohan has gained more knowledge and has been confident than what he was. He has developed more strengths and understanding now.

We are very thankful to Foram for his guidance for our son and making sure he is on the right path.

Foram has done several extra sessions at no extra cost when Rohan needed help and support and we are very grateful for this.

I fully recommend Foram to anyone looking for extra help and support for Maths.

Thank you Foram, we really appreciate for time and effort given for Rohan.

By Mamta Patel


Result   : M

Student : Rohan Patel

Year      : 9 - 2017

Avondale College

To whom it may concern


Foram Rawal of Mathematica has been tutoring my son Mark Joseph for AS level Cambridge Mathematics. 


Foram is passionate and focused on giving his students the best outcomes in their exams. He preps them even with the basics,  and gives them exercises regularly to improve their knowledge and confidence in Mathematics. 


I have seen a great improvement in Mark's understanding of the various topics in the short time that Foram has been tutoring him. I am confident that he will improve his marks significantly at the end of year exams. 


I have no hesitation in recommending Foram to anyone who wants their child to get a sound understanding of Mathematics and do well in this subject.


By Mr. Thomas


Student : Mark Joseph

Year      : AS, Cambridge - 2016

Thank you Foram for all your efforts that you have put into the AS Maths tutorials for my son.

Your tutorial helped to support my sons confidence while developing a thorough skill set for lifelong learning. My son gradually developed confidence and a genuine sense of accomplishment with each session he had done with you.


I am grateful for the efficient way in which you resolved his concerns and along with this I acknowledge your very personable manner in dealing with him.


I would recommend Mathematica to the students who are looking for an excellent way of learning mathematics.

By Mrs. Monika Thapar 


Student : Naman Thapar

Year      : AS, Cambridge - 2016

Looking for Tutor for our daughter, We believe that a homely and friendly environment is essential.

This is exactly what Foram provided to our year 12 daughter.

She has grown confidence and slowly ut surely has taken a liking for Maths.

We would highly reccomend Foram as a Maths tutor for any student.

Thank You

By Mohammed Ismail


Student : Zaina Ismail

Year      : 12, NCEA - 2016

My daughter Nilotri (Year 10 at Avondale College) has been taking tuition at

Mathematica for last few months and she had made great progress in her learning in all areas of Mathematics (IGCSE).


Thanks to Mathematica.


By - Dr. Shantanu Das

Student : Nilotri Das

Year      : IGCSE, Cambridge